Capturing the Best in Ourselves

I Love My Family

I  just love my family.  They are all so cute!!  Last week I went to Furman to photograph a wonderful family and their one year old (I will post about them later).  While I was busy working, Joe brought the kids to play on the Rugby Field.  We thought of my sister's boyfriend Craig (they live in Australia and he is really good at rugby).  I digress...  Anyway, as I drove away from my session I saw a handsome man and three laughing kids playing a "big time football game" as the sun was setting over the field.  It was the most beautiful site I have seen in a long time.  The light was beautiful and so were the people.  So, I just couldn't keep my camera in the car and decided to practice.  Here are some of my favorites...  

The beginning of the Big Time Football Game...

Ready to Play

I mean, aren't they just cute!!

So, I asked the girls if they would come with me so I could practice taking pictures in front of the sunset.  This is my girls trying to pose for a picture.  They are trying their hardest to be sweet and look pretty for the picture.  Didn't they do a great job??!!!

This is a picture of the big sister taking the little sister's finger out of her nose.  Guess who thought that was hilarious!!

What a great ending to a day.