Capturing the Best in Ourselves

View from My Camera - Apr 4 (part 2)

So on Saturday night, we went to our first of three games in the Final Four.  Joe was so excited and I was excited to be his escort.  And we decided to find someone to take our picture in front of the stadium.  I was very nervous because I had my new camera.  So, we found two people standing apart from the crowd and I thought they wouldn't get lost running away with my camera.  But...  I think they were drunk!  ;) 090405f090405e

Then, we went inside!!  Here are some pictures of the first tip off and of the Tarheels.  My mom is not what you would call a sports fan.  But, she loves the Carolina Tarheels basketball team.  She calls them "her boys"!!  So those pictures are for her.  090405d090405c090405a090405b