Capturing the Best in Ourselves


Hello!  I am sorry that I haven't written in a while.  This summer has been absolutely crazy for us.  We decided to sell our house early in the spring because we found a house in a neighborhood that we loved.  The new house has outdoor space for me to use for photography and we just loved the character of the house.  Well, we went ahead and bought the house hoping and praying that we would sell our house.  It hasn't happened as smoothly as we had hoped.  And everything seems to be out of our control.  We thought that we had sold our house last week and now that might or might not still be true.  It has been a roller coaster.  For all of you out there, please, please pray that we sell our house soon.  I am not sure if we can emotionally handle much more of this.  We are spent.  So, sorry I haven't posted more, but I haven't been thinking very clearly lately.  Hopefully there will be some good news in our future.  We need it around here.  And we need it to stick!!!  ;)  Oh, and if there is anyone that needs a beautiful, new, upgraded, near downtown home...  let me know!!!