Capturing the Best in Ourselves

View from My Camera - Aug 19 (The Children's Museum)

On July 28, The Children's Museum opened off Academy in Greenville, SC.  They were in need of one more exhibit and decided to ask local artists to create a piece of art depicting famous people from Greenville.  So, 21 artists were selected and created a total of about 33 pieces (I think).  There are 8 foot panels with the top portion displaying the art and a bio of the famous person.  And the bottom portion is a bio of the artist.  It is a fabulous tribute to both the "famous" people and the artists.  What a way to celebrate local art here in Greenville.  I was so honored to be asked to photograph each artist and my picture will be displayed next to their bio.  I am so excited!!!  Brains on Fire was in charge and they were awesome!!!  Call their office if you want to smile (their receptionist is hilarious). Well, as an artist, it is hard to give over artistic control to someone else, especially someone you don't know.  And these artists were very nervous about the final picture that I chose for the exhibit.  I thought that they all turned out great.  Oh, and I slipped mine in at the end!  ;)  Here they are...

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