Capturing the Best in Ourselves

View from My Camera - Jul 27 (Abigail)

Abigail is a new Baby Program client.  She is so cute.  Here mom and dad are more of my "medical resident" clients.  I just love them!!!  If I ever think that I am tired, I just think of my resident friends.  Abigail's dad went back on call after she was a week old and her mom went on call after three weeks.  And she still breast fed through all of that!!  Unbelievable.  I complained about breast feeding and I had my babies with me 24/7.  She is so much better than me!!  I can't wait for her 3 month pictures. Here is the front of her birth announcement.  And the third picture is with the rattle that her dad gave her mom when they found out that she was pregnant.  So cute!!!