Capturing the Best in Ourselves

Spring Limited Edition Sessions

It is that time of year again!!!  I love the Spring.  For many reasons, but one is because I host my annual Spring limited edition sessions.  This year I am adding a Mother/Child day and I am super, super excited about it.  

Please see below information for these two events.  Scheduling will be done first-come-first-served.  Payment is needed at time of scheduling to reserve your date.  If you mail a check, I will hold your time for 3 days.  

Email ( or call (864.421.7861) to schedule.

See you all soon!!

Spring Event

April 26 | 9-12:30

* $50

* 20% off of product

* Scheduling every half hour with 20 min sessions

* Possibly going to schedule Friday morning if need to have overflow.  Let me know what time you want on Saturday and if you would rather have Friday what time for that too.  Friday will be from 9-11.  Not guaranteeing that I will do Friday sessions.  

* We are going back inside this year.  Outside only if you really want it for your specific session.

* Main Background: I have purchased a new gold sequin background.  It is just beautiful!!!  I love the way the light plays on it.

* Other Backgrounds:  I will have a solid grey and solid gold backgrounds that I will use as well.

* $350 in product = low res disk; $450 in product = high res disk

Mother/Child Sessions

May 31 | 9-11:30

* Pricing same as Spring Event

* I was desperate to get pictures of my and my kids.  Not just my kids with me thrown in there.  A session specifically for me and my kids.  After I took my friends pictures and then she took mine, I thought that I had to offer it to you too.  I just LOVE these pictures.  I can't wait to offer them.  

* Scheduled this date in case you wanted to give them for Father's Day presents or treat yourself for Mother's Day.

* Scheduling every half hour with 20 min sessions

* Can possibly schedule on Friday if overwhelming response.  Let me know if you want right-of-first-refusal for a Friday appointment similar to above.


* This session will have a very specific look.  I will photograph them backlit against our windows so they will have a very light feel to them.  I want you and your children to wear all white or light colors.  I have attached pictures that I took of my friend and her daughter and then ones she took of me and my kids for you to see what I am talking about.  I want these to be very simple - focusing on just you and your kids.

* Oh, and the pictures I am showing you are pretty serious - which is what my friend and I wanted.  Yours doesn't have to be so serious.  

* I will have the long pink skirt that I am wearing for any size if you want to use it.  And then I will have two little girls skirts if you want to use those too.  My girls don't have the skirts on in the pictures.  They are just wearing leggings.

* Only come to this session if you like the look of these pictures.  Not doing anything on the wall background.