View and Order Appointment


Your View and Order appointment will be held at Susan's office.  Please use the above map for access to Google Maps and directions.


We are excited for you to see the pictures that Susan took at your recent session.  If you haven't already, you will receive an email stating that your images are online with a password.  Once these images go online, they will be available for ordering for two weeks.  Please look through your pictures and select the ones that are your favorites before your appointment.

We have found that clients have felt that if you know where (or how) you are wanting to display your portraits before coming to your View and Order session, the appointment is less overwhelming.  We have created a Planning Guide for you to help you prepare for what you would like to purchase.  Please feel free to print this guide and bring it to your appointment.  You can also find the Pricing Guide here.  Please review this document before your appointment as well.