Your Session

We are 99% sure you will have a fun time during your session!  We haven't had any complaints yet.  Sure, photography sessions can be stressful, but our clients usually tell us that it wasn't as bad as they thought it would be!!  We take that as a compliment.  Below we have information to help make your session as stress free as possible.  Well, we try!


Susan uses natural lighting for all of her portraits (indoor and outdoor).  While this creates beautiful portraits, it puts SBP at the mercy of the weather.  Your session may have to be rescheduled if conditions do not permit optimal portrait lighting.   



Many clients ask what clothing is preferred for the Photo Session.  It is important to choose outfits that will not be a distraction in your portrait.  Busy patterns, stripes and any clothing with TV or movie characters can be a distraction from the focal point - the face(s) in the portrait.  Dark clothing tends to minimize apparent body size and long sleeves are best for adults and older children.  Some other quick recommendations are:

Choose dresses on girls that will cover underwear/diapers when sitting.
Wear darker clothes for Fall and lighter clothes for Spring.
Susan prefers children without shoes.  This is because when a child sits the bottom of the soles become a distraction in the portrait.
If you choose to wear shoes, remember to wear dark colored socks if you have on dark shoes.

Remember these are just recommendations from what we have seen in the past.  Please know that it is ultimately up to you as to what you and your family wear in the portrait.



After your session, it will be time to choose your portraits.  But really, your ordering process happens before I take the first picture.  Before you plan your outfits, or location, we need to know what you are going to do with these portraits.  Gallery Wrapped Canvases?  Wall Portraits?  Albums?  Gifts?  The answers to these questions will greatly help the decisions for the details of the session and will truly make your session and ordering go much smoother.  Trust us.  We know this from much experience.  Please download the attached PDF to help you plan for your session, ordering and displaying of your artwork.