I take great pictures of great people.

Not things.  Not events.  Not flowers or sunsets.  People.  Great, awesome people, just like you.  And that is what makes my pictures great.

Newborns fresh into the world.  Toddlers that can't sit still.  Siblings who would rather wrestle than pose.  Children with tussled hair and skinned knees.  Cousins who barely remember each other.  Dads who hate to dress up.  Dads who love to be with their girls.  Moms and their precious ones.  Moms with precious ones on the way.  Families full of joy.  Families on not so good days.  Seniors leaving home for school.  Grandparents who like to brag and grandparents who like to spoil (are there any other kind?).    

You can even throw in a family pet for no additional charge!  But, it's the people.  That's what I know best.  With three kids of my own, I understand a little more each day about the chaos of real-life living.  And, frankly, it's the real stuff that makes a great photograph.  I don't regret the mischief in a smile or a newborn cry or the energy in a restless child; I hope for it.  I want to make elegant and lasting the things that make us real and everyday people.

I am formally trained in natural light portraiture.  I photograph in studio and on location.  I have developed a specialized repertoire in newborn work and offer an extensive baby program.  In all I do, I have two priorities:  exceptional photographs and clients at ease.

There are people in your life.  I just so happen to love to take great pictures of people.  At Susan Brewer Photography, we "capture the best in ourselves."  I hope to see you soon!